24th September 2024 - Brussels




Zimperium is a leading mobile security company specializing in protecting organizations from mobile device threats. Founded in 2010, Zimperium offers state-of-the-art solutions that detect and prevent mobile cyberattacks, including malware, phishing, and device vulnerabilities. 

Their innovative technology provides real-time threat intelligence and defense, ensuring that businesses can confidently embrace the benefits of mobile technology without compromising security. Trusted by enterprises worldwide, Zimperium is dedicated to safeguarding mobile endpoints and enabling secure mobile productivity.


What is the first device your user used for work today?

Presenting Zimperium's 2024 Global Mobile Threat Report: a topical analysis of mobile threat data from the field, including prominent mobile attack vectors, regional analyses, exploited mobile vulnerabilities, mobile phishing trends, and mobile malware trends.

The first and last device that your user will use during the day is probably its mobile phone. Mobile is the modern workplace from a productivity point of view, but also the new go-to-market from a profitability point of view).


 18:00 - Arrival

 18:20 - Expert-Led Opening Remarks

 18:40 - Dining & Interactive Discussion Begins

 20:30 - Cocktails & Conversation