Rhodri Stone- Head of Cloud and Managed Services

Rupert Reid- Cyber Security Specialist


Across the Legal sector, firms are continually challenged by malicious entities attempting to fraudulently access high-value data and transactions. Not only must firms continue to minimise the potential opportunities for these attacks through a strong security posture, they must also ensure they have the systems in place to recover in the event of a breach, minimising any resulting downtime and disruption while securing critical data. Additionally, with the increased adoption of SaaS, greater supplier scrutiny and management is required to ensure suppliers take sufficient care of their data assets and can rapidly recover if they are attacked.

Through sophisticated security solutions, and increased data awareness, firms can mitigate changing attack vectors in the evolving threat landscape, maintaining the integrity of their multi-cloud estates and avoiding the damage to brand reputation and client confidence that breaches inevitably result in. Join our roundtable on 25* May at Hutong at The Shard to explore how you can identify your critical data assets and achieve full isolation and immutability, enabling rapid recovery through cyber vaults.

Discussion Points
Threat Landscape:
  • SaaS: Is it safe? It's time to audit your SaaS providers.
  • Prevention v Recovery: Insurance providers are mandating cyber mitigation and recovery.
  • DevSecOps: Identity operational changes and know where you stand.

Date & Time
Thursday, 23 November 2023
11:00 14:00 (GMT)

SKY Garden

--SKY Garden--
--SKY Garden--
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